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Northern lights (aurora borealis) seen over the sea from Balranald BAy View self-catering cottage, North Uist

The Astronomy, Aurora Borealis and Night Sky of North Uist

Winter and autumn are special times to enjoy a holiday on the Scottish island of North Uist.  A naturally warm cottage, there is full central heating throughout to ensure a comfortable stay.  As an officially recognised "dark sky area", on clear nights the stargazing is fantastic and great for astronomy enthusiasts.

The cottage is a metereologists dream because the weather systems roll in straight off the Atlantic Ocean and can be watched in comfort from the sofa, whilst enjoying a drink. There is nothing between this cottage and Canada except the deep blue sea.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

North Uist is one of the best locations in the UK to see the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis). From October until March, with luck and and a clear sky, they can be seen and photographed over the sea.


For more detailed information on how to increase your chances of seeing the northern lights please visit our blog post about the Aurora Borealis 

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See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

  • In winter, Balranald Bay View provides the perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle.

  • One of the best "dark sky" areas in Europe. The stars, Milky Way and constellations are simply astonishing on clear nights even to the naked eye.

  • The Northern Lights make regular appearances from October. The view of the Aurora from the cottage as it reflects in the sea is jaw dropping!

The Moon

The dark skies allow wonderful views of the moon and seeing the moon reflected over the sea is an unforgettable sight. 

Stargazing and The Milky Way

The best time of year to see the Milky Way in the UK is from mid April to mid July. It is visible for shorter periods of time from late February to late September. The best views are during the 2 weeks around the new moon, when the sky is darkest. This is also a good time for star gazing, looking for nebulae and any visible planets.

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