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Hirta, St. Kilda

North Uist is a great base for a Scottish Island holiday and it is the nearest landmass to the fascinating and beautiful archipelago of St Kilda, which lies just 38 nautical miles away. A visit to this UNESCO world heritage site is a memorable experience. The stunningly beautiful archipelago of Islands includes Hirta, Dun, Soay and Boreray. The lush grassy slopes of Hirta contrast with the dramatic sea stacks, which are some of the highest cliffs in Europe.

Information about the St. Kilda Archipelago 

The wildlife of St. Kilda

The cliffs and sea stacks are home to breeding colonies of endangered seabirds including The Northern Gannet, Northern Fulmar and the Atlantic puffins. Boat trips reach these sea stacks, weather permitting, and  experiencing the sights and sounds of the birds is very special. 

Due to the geopgraphical isolation of the Islands 2 endemic sub-species have evolved. The St. Kilda Wren, which are slightly larger than the mainland species, and the St. Kilda Fieldmouse which can grow to twice the size of mainland fieldmice. Recent studies have suggested that the St.Kilda Fieldmice are eating meat and marine protein which is unusual.

How to get to St.Kilda by boat

Uist Sea Tours have day trips to St Kilda from the Lochboisdale/Eriskay and also offer wildlife watching trips. Boat trips from the nearby island of Harris take around 3 hours each way. Kilda cruises and SeaHarrisrun day trips during the summer. All trips must be booked in advance.

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