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  • Julie

Evening coastal walk on North Uist at RSPB Balranald

breaking wave

Monach Isles

Turquoise wave breaking

It was a beautiful evening as we walked around the headland from Balranald Bay View cottage in the RSPB bird reserve at Balranald. The coastline here is always changing. The sand seems to disappear during winter storms from one area only to be deposited further along the coast. The rocks look like a moonscape where the Atlantic sea crashes into the coast, breaking them up into ever smaller pieces.

Whilst watching the waves after a storm you begin to appreciate the power and energy of the sea. The Monach Isles are in the distance, surrounded by the pinky glow of the sunset as we watch the waves break....Waiting for the moment when the translucent turquoise wave begins to break. Magical!

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