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  • Johnnie and Julie

Kite Surfing Paradise

A coastal walk beside the wild Atlantic ocean on a fine windy North Uist day is guaranteed to refresh and revitalise. Such days are also a kitesurfer's paradise and we enjoy watching their daring antics on the water. Many of the best kitesurfing beaches have superb views across to other islands including Saint Kilda, the mountains of Harris and the uninhabited Monach isles.

Although a few kitesurfer's do live on the island, most are visitors. A recent visit by a group of multinational professional "kiters" organised by Kitesurf Magazine to promote the sport (called The North Uist Project) described the conditions as "world class". They were also astonished by the outstanding beauty and stunning scenery of this unspoilt island which lies off the beaten track. They loved the fantastic white sand beaches of the west coast, crystal clear turquoise water and the chance to explore the undiscovered in a remote wild paradise on the very edge of Europe.

They also enjoyed the diverse and rich culture and the warm welcome they received from the locals. To quote from Kitesurf Magazine "Our group feasted on locally caught venison and seafood, ate locally grown vegetables and eggs, indulged on homemade cakes and bread and washed it all down with good old Scottish whisky". Paradise indeed !

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