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  • Julie

Sunrise with the daffodils

At sunset last night the wind dropped as the ridge of high pressure that was promised moved across the Outer Hebrides. A few of the pictures are in the gallery above. After the hail storms it felt very tranquil as the beautiful sunset evolved.

I got up at 5.30 am to be in position to take some sunrise pictures and a time-lapse sequence of the sunrise. It was a magical morning with no wind - the only sound was from the waves rolling in further out in the bay and the thrush singing the dawn chorus. As the sun rose from behind the hill and bathed the machair in warm light the wading birds joined the dawn chorus, jostling for territory and performing their courtship displays.

Below are a few shots I took of the sunrise. It's definitely worth getting up for this experience if you come to North Uist and RSPB Balranald.

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