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Dog Paradise !

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Several of our guests this month have kindly sent emails to say how much their dogs have enjoyed staying at our cottage, together with these photographs which say it all!

As animal lovers ourselves, it's wonderful to see these gorgeous dogs so happy and content in our "dog paradise".

Billy and Anne (on holiday from the Isle of Skye) wrote "here are our dogs Ziggy (Collie) and Rosie (Spaniel pup) out in the garden having just returned from an 8 mile walk, wanting more beach".

"This genuinely happened when we packed the car to leave - both dogs went to the far corner of the garden, sat down and wouldn't move!"


Mrs AG sent us photos of her two Labradors (Tilly laying on the grass and Bonnie) enjoying the garden and sea air. "They were so tired when they got home they have hardly moved since".

All words and images are with the owners permission - many thanks!

We will soon add a gallery of guests photographs to our website !

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