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  • Johnnie

Bay Scolpaig

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

A brisk coastal walk on a fair North Uist day is guaranteed to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. To sit and stare at the wild Atlantic ocean, in remote place on the very edge of northern Europe where there is nothing but sea between you and Canada is quite something. Here, its easy to still the mind, relax and contemplate those things in life that really matter.

Bay Scolpaig is a magnificent 6km walk direct from Balranald Bay View cottage to the far north western corner of North Uist and is one of our favourites. This raw coastline is exposed to the full Atlantic swell which has eroded the rocks into spectacular features including arches and steep sided inlets.

Today was quite blustery. Just seabirds for company as we picnicked on a small promontory overlooking a small beach and watched the waves curl and crash. We were level with the forming waves on both sides and could actually see through the curling water. Amazing. And a Surfers paradise!

About 1 km inland from Bay Scolpaig is a ruined tower, sitting on an island in the middle of a freshwater loch. Known locally as McLeod's Folly which was built and named after the local factor about 200 years ago, the Folly is reputed to have been constructed over the site of an Iron Age fort. It's a quite beautiful and photogenic location.

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