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December picnic and the white tailed sea eagle

Updated: Feb 21

The view from Udal to the West
The view from Udal to the West

It was completely still and calm again all day today. Went for a drive along the coast road for about 20 minutes and parked just east of the village of Sollas on North Uist. We always drive at a snail's pace here, to enjoy the scenary and to photograph wildlife from the car whenever the opportunity arises. There were reflections of white fluffy clouds in the still water of lochans everywhere.

Cows in the bay. the snowcapped hills of Harris in the distance

Scenery and solitude, the snowy hills of Harris across the bay.

Spent all day walking along pristine beaches and across rare machair to the former settlement of Udal, where a Viking fort was excavated in the 1960's. Wonderful views across the white sands and sea to the snow covered hills of Harris. The Cuillin Ridge of Skye looked menacingly impressive with its snowy jagged peaks.

The snowcapped Cuillins of sky visible across the Minch

The Cuillins of Skye were visible across the Minch.

Eat lunch sitting on the edge of a sand dune looking down on yet another pristine and deserted white shell sand crescent beach, admiring the view of St Kilda and its nearby sea stacks all clearly visible on the horizon. And beyond St Kilda, absolutely nothing but ocean until you reach Canada. It was hard to believe that the raging Atlantic Ocean of a few days ago could now be so flat and calm.

Flat, calm ocean with the Islands of St. Kilda visible on the horizon

The Atlantic Ocean was flat and calm. St Kilda is on the horizon on the left and Boreray is also visible right of centre.

Imagine enjoying a picnic in December in such a wild and beautiful place with only a pair of Ravens sitting on a nearby trig point for company. We both scanned the sea for looking for wildlife, especially for seals and otters and then we saw it. A massive bird with a black body and a white tail heading inland. There was no mistaking this one - a white tailed sea eagle. Amazing.

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