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  • Johnnie

The Stunning Northern Lights, North Uist

Updated: Feb 21

To crown an absolutely stunning day and a perfect sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, we were completely blown away by the appearance of the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) at about 6pm. Purple and green, ever changing, sheer magic. The stars were also amazing and to top it all there were shooting stars in the west every few minutes.

Aurora borealis -purple and green reflected in the sea. Balranald Bay View cottage, North Uist

Northern lights as seen this evening from the garden at Balranald Bay view, North Uist

The photo's above and below were both taken from the cottage garden between 6pm and 7pm. The Aurora is reflected in the sea. The light on the horizon is from the lighthouse on the offshore Monach Isles, which are home to the second largest colony of grey seals in the world.

Aurora borealis, green and purple, reflected in the sea. The lighthouse of the Monaco Isles is visible

Aurora borealis reflected in the sea. the moon is visible and is setting

The photo above was taken a few minutes walk from the cottage. The milky way can be seen clearly (top centre) and the moon is setting over the horizon on the left. The Aurora is again reflected in the Atlantic Ocean. Simply "jaw dropping".

Purple and green northern lights in the north. Taken from Balranald Bay View Cottage, North Uist

The above photo was taken from the cottage garden at about 10pm and shows how the colours of the Aurora develop as the evening progresses. As an official "dark sky area", the stars in North Uist are astonishing.

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